Applied Measurements Submersible Load Cells fitted to the World's Largest All-Terrain Hexapod

The successful launch at the Bestival IOW 2012 introduced us to the all-terrain Mantis - the world's largest hydraulic hexapod robot.

Developed after 4 years of design, using Applied Measurements' customised compact and submersible DSCC load cells, the Mantis "is definitely the largest hexapod we have built so far," says Chief Designer Matt Denton at Micromagic Systems Robotics Ltd. This awesome all-terrain machine stands at 2.8 metres high, weighs in at nearly 2 tonnes and can be manually piloted or remote wifi controlled.

Working closely with Matt Denton, Applied Measurements provided the load cells needed to monitor the force on individual legs to stop the Mantis walking into a situation that is hazardous to its overall stability. Assisted by Applied Measurements' compact and submersible DSCC load cells, the Mantis successfully travels over all slopes and uneven surfaces, traversing most types of terrain, even wading through water.

Applied Measurements' DSCC load cell was chosen for its compact size and ease of mounting between the leg and the "foot pad" and its ability to cope with extraneous side loads and torsions, which naturally occur when the Mantis is moving. The load cells were positioned on each of the 6 legs to warn the operator and operating system that the force on any individual leg is approaching or exceeding the design limits.

Here are the key modifications made to the DSCC load cells:

* The ability to withstand severe overload or shock load - overcome by using a 50kN ranged DSCC, when the normal operating range would not exceed 10kN.

* Using an in-line ICA2 amplifier in a waterproof enclosure, enabling a 0-5Vdc signal to be achieved over a 0-10kN range.

* Submersible construction of DSCC load cellsand enclosure, allowing the Mantis to wade through water

Applied Measurements are proud to have supplied and designed customised load cells for the Mantis project and we are always looking for new and exciting challenges.

June 2014

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