Monitoring tension in a fastener, bolt or stud

FUTEK's Thru-Hole (Donut) Load Cells are major players when measuring the tightening of load directly. Our Thru-Hole Series (LTH) offers a variety of capacities and inner diameter sizes making it ideal for bolt fastening applications.

In the above application, FUTEK's LTH load cell is installed between the bolt head and the nut, where it can measure the load as torque is applied. Our engineers recommend including a hardened washer between the load cell and the nut to avoid high friction on the Thru-Hole during tightening and untightening. Overall, the benefits of installing Thru-Hole type load cells into your assembly process include: avoiding damage to bearing surfaces, decreased problematic tightening of large bolts, ease in untightening, and simultaneous tightening improvements.

August 2013

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