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PyroBus IR temperature sensor finds favour with corrugated packaging manufacturer

A world leader in corrugated packaging has selected the PyroBus Series of non-contact infrared temperature sensors and PM240 touchscreen terminals for multiple sites. The networkable pyrometers are being used to monitor the production of paper and cardboard on several machines.

Configurable PyroBus sensors are grouped in small, modular networks of 4-8 sensors per machine, and are connected to local displays for temperature indication and alarm visualisation. Networks run back to the control room, where master touchscreen terminals provide at-a-glance temperature indication, alarm relay outputs and analogue retransmission outputs for data analysis.

The versatile PyroBus system operates using the RS485 Modbus protocol. Sensors and displays are plug-and-play, and can be daisy-chained in a bus configuration over a kilometre long. The PM240 touchscreen terminal displays the temperature and alarm status of up to eight sensors simultaneously, or networks of many more sensors may be connected to a PC for large-scale monitoring and data acquisition.

February 2011

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