Data Loggers monitor weather in Wales.

Campbell Scientific Ltd. data loggers will remain at the centre of the expanding network of weather and climate monitoring in the mountains of Snowdonia, north Wales. Two new AWSs are being installed by the University of Wales, Bangor and First Hydro Company at Tan y Grisiau (200m) and on the Stwlan dam (550m) in the Moelwyn mountains. These AWSs will be used to provide on-line information for pump storage hydro power generation. Rainfall, for example, produces excess water in the two-reservoir systems used by First Hydro at Dinorwig and Ffestiniog. This excess rain water must be monitored and then released into local rivers according to best environmental practice. Wind and air temperature affect evaporation losses from the lake surfaces and can be included in the water balance calculations. The three existing AWS sites in Llanberis (100m), Clogwyn (770m) and on Snowdon summit (1065m) can be seen on-line with web-camera images at The summit anemometer is mounted on the railway building roof and is sheltered from some of the extremes of wind. Rebuilding the summit trig, pillar this summer has provided an opportunity to measure the true summit wind speeds. The new pillar has a stainless steel frame which will be clad in local stone; a secure instrument housing inside has room for a CSL datalogger. For short periods, a pole with wind sensors on top can be fitted to the top of the new trig, pillar. Hand-held wind measurements at the trig, have shown twice the speed of simultaneous output from the roof anemometer. "Wind speeds of 1 30+mph have been recorded by the roof-mounted sensors, so we could be looking for true summit wind speeds of 200+mph" said Dr Jeremy Williams of the Snowdonia Weatherstations Project. A brass 'panorama' plate is being fitted to the new trig, pillar by the university and the National Park Authority. This will commemorate the work and help the 300,000 visitors each year in identifying the many mountains and landmarks visible from Snowdon. _______________________________________________________ For further information, contact:- Campbell Scientific Ltd. Web Camera: Report and photos courtesy of Dr Jeremy Williams, University of Wales, Bangor. June 2001

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