Penny & Giles Sensors chosen to control
the pitch of Varofoil Fanblades.

Woods Air Movement Limited, a leading manufacturer of fans, air handling
units, roof extractors and acoustic equipment, has specified Penny & Giles
SLS190 sealed linear sensors for its technologically advanced Varofoil
variable-pitch-in-motion fan.

The variable-duty Varofoil is used for many different air movement
applications, including air conditioning, where it enables the airflow
through a system to be changed to match cooling requirements.
The SLS190, which can interface with a separate control system or
a building management system, provides continuous feedback to
indicate the pitch of the Varofoil’s blades.

Commenting on the choice of SLS190, a spokesman for Woods Air
Movement says the company has been using Penny & Giles sensors
for more than 20 years.

“We had been fitting the HLP190 until the SLS190 came along.” He says:
“And as the old model proved to be so reliable, we were happy to change
to the new one, which is a direct replacement.”

A spokesman for Penny & Giles also confirms that the SLS190 now offers
a 16.5% saving on the price of the HLP190.

The SLS190 is a completely new design that has been engineered to provide
volume production of OEM quantities on very short delivery.
Stroke lengths from 25 to 350mm, in increments of 25mm, are held in stock
and any configurable option is normally available for despatch within five
days from receipt of order.

Whilst it is interchangeable with the HLP190, it can also be specified with
a compact shaft option that offers a dramatically reduced mounting
dimension. A moulded, one-piece rear bearing assembly with integral cable
exit can be used in conjunction with a shaft seal option to provide IP66
sealing, which together with corrosion resistant rod end bearings allows the
SLS190 to be used in severe environments. Reduced weight also makes it
ideal for mobile applications.


For more information contact:-

Penny & Giles Controls Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1202 409409

March 2002

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