Datum Electronics awarded contract for Sea King Gearbox Test Rig Torque Measurement.

The AgustaWestland SeaKing Main Gearbox development facility has utilised the Datum RS420 Series Transducers since 2003, they have now extended the capacity of this facility and installed new RS420 Transducers to measure higher torque loading.

The RS420 series provides a great range of advantages on test rigs as it can be incorporated into existing designs with a light weight rotor and very simple mountings for the stator. The lack of any physical contact between the rotor and the stator (normally a 3mm) air gap removes concerns such as, bearing wear, bearing loads and the need for precise alignment of the torque rotor in relation to the static components. The weight of the transducer rotor 1.1Kgs and stator 1.3Kgs is considerably lower than comparable solutions.

The AgustaWestland rig is fitted with light weight torque measuring shafts. This enables the rig to test the gearbox with an input that closely replicates the operational conditions. Datum provide AgustaWestland with a complete torque measurement solution including calibration, service and design support.

The RS420 Series is available as either a standard transducer or can be engineered into existing drive shafts; these transducers are now in use in 52 countries worldwide across a broad range of applications from test rigs to operational machinery.

September 2009

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