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Twenty telescopic floodlights use Variohm cable-extension position sensors.

Variohm EuroSensor, the leading sensor specialist supplied cable-extension position transducers as a primary component for the impressive telescopic floodlighting systems recently installed at the Brit Oval and Lord’s cricket grounds for the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Championships.

The main contractor, Nottinghamshire based Abacus Lighting Limited, provide end to end exterior and sports lighting solutions from detailed design at the planning stage through to manufacture and installation. They chose Variohm’s PT9000 series ‘stringpot’ sensors from Celesco to measure and reliably ensure repeatable position feedback for each hydraulically actuated telescopic column which elevates up to 100 2kW Challenger 3 floodlights on a 10 m x 6 m head frame.

The new patented telescopic masts have proved the perfect solution to overcome the strict planning regulations required by local authorities for both cricket grounds which are located in residential areas. By telescoping the masts from a rested height of 30 m to a typical operational height of 49 m, both the visual impact and lighting overspill are minimised whilst fully complying with the ECB standards that ensure much higher quality pitch illumination for players and broadcasters alike.

The PT9000 series cable-extension transducer is aimed at long range linear position measurement up to 45 m in a sealed design that meets IP69 standards for harsh environment applications. Cable-extension position transducers are simple to install and the spring loaded spool, flexible cable and a rotary sensor mechanism will tolerate a high level of misalignment between the cable fixing point and the housing.

For the Twenty20 application, a 4 - 20 mA output version was supplied although the range includes potentiometer, incremental encoder and voltage outputs as well as RS232, CANbus and DeviceNet alternatives.

The flexible PT9000 series includes a wide choice of stroke range and cable exit/mounting orientation with comprehensive options for output configuration and cable or connectorised electrical connection. The durable and compact sealed housing fits within an envelope of 240 mm x 122 mm x 132 mm and is offered in a choice of powder coated aluminium or stainless steel enclosure materials.

The PT9 is also available for longer stroke ranges up to 45 m and for extreme applications where exceptional amounts of dirt, spray or foreign matter may enter through the standard PT9000 series ‘slot opening’ and interfere with the cable reel mechanism. Hazardous area certification is also available.

These sensors are used in harsh industrial environments such as construction and fork lift vehicle safety monitoring, winch and crane position feedback, agricultural machinery, and flood management systems where robust waterproof extended stroke measurement equipment is required.

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June 2009

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