Penny & Giles launches with Ariane 5 and ENVISAT.

Transducers manufactured by Penny & Giles Controls were fitted to the
engines of the Ariane 5 rocket that successfully launched Envisat, Europe's
largest and most expensive satellite, on its voyage to monitor the health of
the planet.

Weighing more than 8,000 kg and measuring 10 metres in length, the satellite
is the largest payload to be launched on an Ariane vehicle. It will circle
the planet every 100 minutes in a polar orbit, looking down from a height of
800 kilometres (500 miles).

Penny & Giles has supplied four different types of LVDTs for the European
space programme. They have been installed on the direct drive valves and
servo actuators used for both the thrust vector control of solid boosters
and the Vulcain engine of the first stage of the Ariane 5 launch vehicle;
and on the Aestus engine of the second stage.

LVDTs first made it into space in the successful launch of mission 502 from
Kourou, French Guyana on 30th October 1997.


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May 2002

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