Load recognition of a lifting floor - 150 kN / 4...20mA.

In order to measure the load of a lifting floor load pins are fitted in the
mechanical construction. Weight measurement is used to protect the
system from overloading.

The entire lifting floor is made of six u-shaped segments. They lay in
one another and can be lowered from stage level. They were laid down
on a stepped foundation. After lowering an arena is generated. Lifting
and lowering is done by drive units, which operate a spindle drive.

Forces are introduced via 15 junction points with static loads of 90 kN
up to 290 kN. Each junction point is equipped with two pins, one of them
executed as a (measuring) load pin. They - 150 kN nominal load, output
signal 4...20 mA - control the load conditions of the floor segments by
means of a plc.


For more information contact:-

tecsis GmbH

April 2002

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