Wireless Monitoring of Anchor Loads, DML Project - Zurich, Switzerland

The DML Project in Zurich is one of the worlds most exciting and ambitious projects executed by the Swiss National Railway Company SBB. The 1.6 billion SF project centres around the construction of a new station beneath the existing Central Zurich Station and a 5km tunnel which will allow trains to travel from north to south without having to change direction at Zurich Central Station.

The challenge is for the new station and tunnel to be built without interrupting services at Zurich Central which has 340,000 daily passengers and at least 2,900 train services a day. A leading Swiss Geotechnical Monitoring firm have been awarded the contract to monitor all of the existing infrastructure and buildings being affected by the construction project, handling more than 150,000 datasets per day.

Working with the Geotechnical company, Mantracourt's innovative T24 radio telemetry devices are being used to wirelessly monitor the forces exerted upon cable anchors which are holding back concrete retaining walls within a construction pit (see image). The pit will be the start and end point of the tunnel boring machine digging the 5km tunnel and will eventually be 16 metres in depth.


August 2009

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