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Noise mapping book features Brüel & Kjær expert
A new book entitled ‘Noise Mapping in the EU: Models and Procedures’ has been published, containing a chapter written by Brüel & Kjær’s Application Specialist Douglas Manvell. It shows how to integrate data with geographical information systems, improve accuracy in model and prediction software - and assess different methods and descriptors for evaluating annoyance and noise exposure.

The chapter written by Douglas Manvell - called ‘Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Noise Mapping’ - gives an overview of the state-of-the-art and offers advice, and also contains examples of solutions and components provided by Brüel & Kjær to our customers. The book provides a comprehensive reference guide for students, researchers, acoustics consultants, and environmental agencies. It features 18 chapters in total, all written by European experts.

Strategic noise maps are now required in the European Union for all population centers of more than 250,000 inhabitants, as well as for major roads, railways, and airports, and are becoming required for urban areas with over 100,000 people. The book can be purchased online from Amazon and other retailers.

New brochure demonstrates variety of automotive applications for sensors
Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has published a new brochure for the automotive industry, which includes 28 visually stunning application examples of how Micro-Epsilon sensors and measurement systems are providing benefits for customers in development, testing, production and quality assurance.

The high level of automation in automotive development, production and inspection environments requires high precision, high performance sensors and measurement systems. Drawing on its broad portfolio of measurement technologies and many years of experience in the industry, Micro-Epsilon's new "Measurement Technology for Automotive Engineering, Test Benches and Development" brochure provides examples of innovative measurement solutions for development, production and inspection applications in the automotive industry.

Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems
Semiconductor and integrated sensor design are heavily driven by technology scaling. Rapid advances in microelectronics and nano-technologies have brought new challenges to the digital, smart, intelligent sensors and sensor systems design.

Because such design approach based on the frequency (time)-to-digital conversion has not been adequately covered in the literature before, this unique book aims to fill a significant gap and presents new knowledge in this emerging area of modern sensors.

The goal of this book is to help the practicians achieve the best metrological and technical performances of digital sensors and sensor systems at low cost, and significantly to reduce time-to-market. It should be also useful for students, lectures and professors to provide a solid background of the novel concepts and design approach because of till now such topics have been covered adequately only in a few European and American universities. To purchase, click

Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation
Title: Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation
Authors: Maria Teresa Restivo, Fernando Gomes de Almeida, Maria de Fátima Chouzal, Joaquim Gabriel Mendes and António Mendes Lopes
Publisher: International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Publishing
Format: printable pdf (Acrobat), 234 pages + media files
Pubdate: 19 May 2011
BN: 20110509-XX ISBN: 978-84-615-1138-9
Instrumentation is vital for the design and implementation of measuring, monitoring and actuation systems and in data acquisition and processing, playing nowadays a fundamental role in many technological areas, as well as in those of certification, control and information.

The increasing demand of experimental accuracy in all scientific areas makes instrumentation for measurement a crucial component, particularly in higher education curricula with a strong technological element, being also essential at research and development level.

The Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation presents experimental and laboratory activities with an approach as close as possible to reality, even offering remote access to experiments, providing to the reader an excellent tool for learning laboratory techniques and methodologies. Book includes dozens videos, animations and simulations following each of chapters. It makes the title very valued and different from existing books on measurements and instrumentation.

This unique methodological book comprises 13 Chapters. Each one presents a clearly defined learning objective, the essential concepts and a step-by-step guide for performing the experimental activity, various complementary multimedia contents and a final synthesis. The set of open questions that closes each module is intended to provide formative assessment.
Optical Alignment
with Taylor Hobson Ltd. Micro Alignment Telescope and its accessories.
First printed 1965
Reprinted with amendments 1976, 1981, 1998.
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Taylor Hobson Ltd.Leicester LE4 9JQ UK.
Tel: +44(0)116 276 3771 Email:

New Handbook on Environmental Noise
A NEW 56-page Handbook aimed at anyone involved in measuring and assessing environmental noise.
An introduction to environmental noise with sections on definition of sound, environmental noise propagation and indentification of noise sources.
For your copy, contact : Bruel & Kjaer

Signal Conditioning & PC-based Data Acquisition Handbook.
The new third edition of the Signal Conditioning & PC-Based Data Acquisition Handbook has been in development for nearly a year. All chapters have been enhanced to address more practical applications than theoretical measurement issues. They cover a major topic with sufficient detail to help readers understand the basic principles of sensor operation and the need for careful system interconnections. The handbook also discusses key issues concerning the data acquisition system’s multiplexing and signal conditioning circuits, and analogue-to-digital converters. This popular handbook has also been used by teaching professionals for the instruction of sensor-based measurement techniques. (March 2007)
IPC Systems Ltd.

Rubber and Plastics Research Association
Large choice of publications and software available for the rubber and plastics industry.
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Sensors Web Portal is one of the biggest frequently up-dated Internet recourse for design engineers devoted to smart sensors, transducers and sensor instrumentation.
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Guide - Specification, Calibration & Testing of Strain Gauge Load Cells for Industrial Process Weighing
and Force Measurement
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949
Guide - Industrial Process Weighing Systems
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Guide - A Code of Practice for the Calibration of Industrial Process Weighing Systems
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Guide to the Measurement of Force
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Guide to the Measurement of Humidity
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Guide to the Measurement of Mass & Weight
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Guide to the Measurement of Pressure & Vacuum
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Guide to the Measurement of Resistance & Impedance
Institute of Measurement and Control, London
Telephone: +44(0)20 7387 4949

Handbook of Modern Sensors
Jacob Fraden 508pp (1999)
ISBN 1563965380
Sensors and Transducers
Ian R. Sinclair
ISBN 0-632-02069-5
Measurement Systems & Sensors
Waldemar Nawrocki
ISBN 1-58053-945-9
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