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The top SENSOR titles from John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470841400
TITLE: 'In Situ' Monitoring of Aquatic Systems: Chemical Analysis and Speciation
AUTHOR: Jacques Buffle and George Horvai

ISBN: 0471981435
TITLE: Biosensors: An Introduction
AUTHOR: Brian R. Eggins

ISBN: 0471972614
TITLE: Chemical Analysis: Modern Instrumental Methods and Techniques
AUTHOR: Francis Rouessac

ISBN: 0471975362
TITLE: Structure and Imperfections in Amorphous and Crystalline Silicon Dioxide
AUTHOR: R. A. B. Devine, J. P. Duraud, E. Dooryhée

ISBN: 047152185X
TITLE: Microstereolithography and other Fabrication Techniques for 3D MEMS
AUTHOR: Vijay K. Varadan

ISBN: 047186109X
TITLE: Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices
AUTHOR: J. W. Gardner

ISBN: 0471867799
TITLE: Temperature Measurement , 2nd Edition
AUTHOR: Ludwig Michalski

ISBN: 0471492914
TITLE: Traceable Temperatures: An Introduction to Temperature
Measurement and Calibration, 2nd Edition
AUTHOR: John Nicholas

ISBN: 0471956066
TITLE: Towards the Visual Microprocessor: VLSI Design and the Use of
Cellular Neural Network Universal Machines
AUTHOR: Tamás Roska

ISBN: 3527295577
TITLE: Sensors Applications, Volume 2, Sensors in Intelligent Buildings
AUTHOR: O. Gassmann

ISBN: 352730360X
TITLE: Sensors: A Comprehensive Survey, Update 9
AUTHOR: Henry Baltes

ISBN: 3527296344
TITLE: Microsystem Technology
AUTHOR: Wolfgang Menz

ISBN: 0471987247
TITLE: Functional Organic and Polymeric Materials: Molecular Functionality
--Macroscopic Reality
AUTHOR: Tim H. Richardson

ISBN: 3527303618
TITLE: Sensors: A Comprehensive Survey, Update 10
AUTHOR: Henry Baltes

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