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Control & Instrumentation titles from Butterworth Heinemann
ISBN: 075647574
TITLE: Oscilloscopes
AUTHOR: Ian Hickman
ISBN: 0750652276
TITLE: Newnes Instrumentation & Measurement Pocket Book
AUTHOR: Bill Bolton
ISBN: 0750646012
TITLE: Understand Electronic Control Systems
AUTHOR: Owen Bishop
ISBN: 0750649321
TITLE: Sensors & Transducers
AUTHOR: Ian Sinclair
ISBN: 0750639342
TITLE: Industrial Control Handbook
ISBN: 0750641614
TITLE: Simulation Of Industrial Processes for Control Engineers
AUTHOR: Philip Thomas
ISBN: 0750639350
TITLE: Programmable Controllers
ISBN: 0884152553
TITLE: Data Reconciliation & Gross Error Detection
AUTHOR: Shankar Narasimhan Ph.D & Cornelius Jordache Ph.D
ISBN: 0884153088
TITLE: Pocket Guide to Instrumentation
ISBN: 0884152391
TITLE: Advanced Process Control & Information Systems for the Process Industries
AUTHOR: Les A. Kane
ISBN: 0750631406
TITLE: Newnes Industrial Control Wiring Guide
AUTHOR: R B Mercer
ISBN: 1878707159
TITLE: Controlling the world with your PC.
AUTHOR: Paul Bergsman
ISBN: 0750610476
TITLE: Flow, Level & Pressure Measurement in the Water Industry
AUTHOR: Graham Fowles
ISBN: 0750611960
TITLE: Power Station Instrumentation
AUTHOR: Max W Jervis

ISBN: 0801982421
TITLE: Instrument Engineer's Handbook
AUTHOR: Bela Liptak

ISBN: 0340625414
TITLE: Principles of Control Engineering
AUTHOR: Fred White

ISBN: 0340645695
TITLE: Principles of Engineering Instrumentation
AUTHOR: Douglas Ramsay

ISBN: 0340543795
TITLE: System Modelling & Control
AUTHOR: J. Schwarzenbach

ISBN: 0750647469
TITLE: Programmable Logic Controllers
AUTHOR: W Bolton

ISBN: 0750620935
TITLE: PC-based Instrumentation & Control
AUTHOR: Mike Tooley

ISBN: 075068561
TITLE: Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
AUTHOR: Ian Hickman

ISBN: 0750639962
TITLE: Adaptive Control Systems
AUTHOR: Gang Feng & Rogelio Lozano

ISBN: 0872013820
TITLE: Applied Instrumentation in the Process Industries
AUTHOR: A Survey

ISBN: 0750620560
TITLE: Instrumentation Reference Book
AUTHOR: B E Noltingk

ISBN: 0750650818
TITLE: Measurement & Instrumentation Principles
AUTHOR: Alan S Morris

ISBN: 0750654619
TITLE: Control Systems
AUTHOR: W. Bolton

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