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Sherborne Sensors is a specialist sensor manufacturer that provides a wide range of high precision and ultra-reliable sensors including accelerometers, inclinometers and load cells. For more information please email us at . To download our catalogues and datasheets please visit us as: . To buy online please visit our e-commerce site at

Jeell Instruments
Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of acceleration and tilt sensors for a diverse group of markets including aerospace, industrial, rail, military and many more.
Telephone: +1-603-669-6400 Fax: +1-603.669.5962
Web Site:

Innovative Sensor Solutions - Baumer UK is part of a family owned company which operates on a truly global scale employing around 2400 people in 38 subsidiaries across 19 countries Worldwide. Acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing, Baumer delivers products with unparalleled innovation, quality and passion.
Tel: +44 1793 783839 Email: Web:

Althen Sensors
Althen Sensors & Controls is your specialized partner for sensors, instrumentation and measurement systems for OEM, Test & Measurement and Industrial IoT Applications. We develop and supply standard and customer specific solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.
Contact us for free advice or ask a quotation via our website
‘’Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what can’t be measured’’ – Althen.

Variohm Sensors
Variohm’s product portfolio includes sensors and transducers for; position, pressure, temperature and load.
With a technical sales support team ready for new challenges, Variohm can ensure that the most suitable sensor will be selected for applications in any industry.
Tel No: +44(0)1327 351004

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Aeron Systems Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 20 65607770
Autonnic Research Ltd. - Tel: +44(0)162-186-9460
Inertial Aerosystems Ltd. - Tel: +44(0)1252 782442
Kavlico Corporation UK - Tel: 44 29 2046 3449
Rodar Ltd. - Tel: +44 1384 594 439
SE Systems - Tel: +44(0)1702 530174
Xsens Motion Technologies - Tel: +31 (0)53 4836444

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