Ultra-flat non-contact position sensor for tight installation situations

ASM presents a contact-less, ultra-flat magnetostrictive position sensor for space-restricted applications such as in mobile machines.

posichron® PCFP25 is an absolute, non-contact and wear-free position sensor with measurement ranges from 100 mm up to 5,750 mm. The sensor system consists of a magnetostrictive waveguide and a moveable position magnet. The dimension of the slim profile is only 8 mm in thickness. The sensor is resistant to dirt, moisture and dust, and resists shocks up to 50g and has protection class IP67. The ultra-slim posichron® PCFP25 profile was designed especially to suite limited space applications such as crane outriggers.

Analog and digital outputs are available. The sensor reaches a linearity up to +/-0,02% f.s. For safety applications the sensor can be mounted in redundant design. The posichron® PCFP25 sensor thus provides a robust tailor-made solution for narrow construction spaces in mobile machines or other industrial applications.

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May 2019

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