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New air quality monitoring technology unveiled at Pittcon 2019

Alphasense will officially launch the new Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT) at Booth 713 during Pittcon 2019, March 17 - 21 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

"Diffusion tubes have been the low-cost workhorses of air quality monitoring for decades," explains Alphasense Director Arthur Burnley. "However, their main drawbacks have been that they only provide an average reading over several weeks, and results are generally delayed until after laboratory analysis.

"The EDT resolves both of these issues whilst retaining the advantage of low cost. This is because the EDT contains an electrochemical sensor in a hand-held device that logs readings and transmits data via Bluetooth to a tablet or cell phone running our EDT APP, so this device is ideal for portable survey work or for leaving in locations for extended periods."

The EDT is a single gas monitor and users are able to select from a rage of gases at the time of ordering. These include NO2, NO2 + O3, H2S, NH3 and CO, with relative humidity and ambient temperature also being measured. Typical applications therefore include urban air quality monitoring, livestock housing, waste water treatment and odour nuisance.
The instrument is powered for up to eight months by two replaceable Lithium AA cells, and users are able to set the logging interval from one minute to four hours. It is also available in two configurations - as a hand-held unit or in a mounting bracket.
In addition to launching the EDT at Pittcon, Alphasense will also deliver a presentation in the Technical Program at 3:05pm on Tuesday, March 19th. With co-authors from the University of Cambridge, Dr John Saffell will describe a new affordable approach to VOC speciation in air quality monitoring. Registration is available at

About Alphasense
Based in the UK, Alphasense is a totally independent gas sensor development and manufacturing company founded in response to a demand from gas detection equipment manufacturers for better quality gas sensors and a higher level of after-sales support.
The company's technologies include Electrochemical, Catalytic and Optical (including NDIR & PID Semiconductor / metal oxide). Driven by customer demand, new technologies are continually explored and developed.
Alphasense aims to deliver defect-free product on-time, every-time, achieving the lowest warranty returns in the industry through continual improvement and quality-focused development.
With access to some of the best technical and academic expertise available, Alphasense works closely with universities and research establishments worldwide, and the company's strong re-investment policy maximises the benefits of this privileged position.

For more information, please contact :

Alphasense Ltd
Sensor Technology House
300 Avenue West, Skyline 120, Great Notley Essex CM77 7AA United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1376 556 700
Fax: +44 (0) 1376 335 899

February 2019

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