New, Flexible Force Testing Solution

AMETEK STC introduces their new, flexible series of motorized test machines, the Chatillon TCM Series The TCM Series consists of two force testers offering fast and effective force testing up to 350 lbf (1500 N) at an affordable price.

The TCM100 is suitable for low capacity testing up to 100 lbf (500 N) whereas the TCM350 is suitable for testing samples at a capacity of up to 350 lbf (1500 N).

Both force testers feature a standard crosshead travel of 406 mm (16 in) and are available in extended editions with a crosshead travel of 812 mm (32 in). A throat depth at a full 100 mm (3.9 in) enables the operator to perform force tests including tension, compression, bending, peeling, adhesion, insertion and extraction on samples up to 200 mm (7.8 in). This leaves the operator with a wide variety of testing options at a large working area while keeping a compact footprint.

A large LED display indicates travel speed and similar information so the operator can continuously monitor the test. The TCM Series force testers feature haptic feedback reducing the time spent on test configuration as well as operator errors. The tactile buttons have no moving parts or membranes and durability, especially in production environments, are thereby maximized.

Coupling the TCM Series force testers with the digital Chatillon DF Series force gauges offers a load accuracy that exceeds 0.1% full scale as well as added benefits such as drive to limit. For fast and easy analysis, the Chatillon ForceTest software can be added to the solution enabling seamless serial data communication from the force tester to a computer, saving of test setups for faster workflow, live data view during tests and easy export of test results to CSV or PDF.

A wide selection of grips and fixtures is available keeping the TCM Series force testing solution flexible for use in any industry. The universal adapter plate with international thread sizes to ASM and metric thread sizes provide flexibility for installing custom and standard fixtures.

The Chatillon TCM Series the latest series of specialized force testers from AMETEK STC and replaces the company's current Chatillon LTCM Series of force testers.

Chatillon - Measuring Up to Your Standards
Chatillon is a brand under AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration (STC) who offers a comprehensive range of force testing and materials testing equipment for testing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, packaging, food, plastic and rubber. AMETEK STC is one of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of materials testing equipment. To ensure the high quality that Chatillon products are known for, Chatillon test equipment is manufactured by handcraft at the company's own factory in USA.

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April 2019

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