AutomationInside Readers' Choice Award for Gemco 2006 Rotary Limit Switch

AMETEK Factory Automation, the manufacturer of Gemco rotary limit switches received the Readers' Choice Award 2019 for Best Encoder.

Gemco 2006 Rotary Limit Switch controls the intermediate and end limits of linear or rotary motion for instance on cranes, hoists, packaging machinery, conveyor, doors, or material handling equipment preventing these from exceeding the intended working area. Gemco 2006 RLS also prevents overtravel by cutting power to the motor or device that is driving a machine, for instance, a crane, this secures the equipment, the goods, the workflow and most importantly the personnel.

Gemco 2006 series is rated for more than 15 million operations, the all-metal gearing and the shaft tested to up to 2000 RPM, works both clockwise and counter-clockwise. The 2006 Series is manufactured with electrical switches that are UL recognized.

The simplicity of the rotary limit switch the key to the success, the limit switch is easy to set up, very simple wiring and will work flawlessly with no maintenance due to the self-lubricating bearings.

Many Cranes need to work in freezing temperatures or in the hot summer sun, this will not lower the safety as Gemco 2006 rotary limit switch works unaffected from -40 to 82°C (-40 to 180°F).

Gemco holds more than 50 years of experience. We pride ourselves on packaging sensors to work flawlessly in the most hostile environments. Gemco is manufactured and supplied by AMETEK Factory Automation. Gemco has the largest selection of standard and custom linear displacement transducer products. With over 1,000,000 possible combinations in our standard units alone, we are certain to have a solution for your specific application.
Consult AMETEK Factory Automation at +1 800-635-0289 to discuss your application or visit the website for a complete listing of our LDT offerings.

AMETEK Factory Automation is part of AMETEK STC.
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AMETEK STC manufactures and supplies calibration instruments for temperature, pressure, and process signals under the brands of JOFRA and Crystal Engineering. JOFRA temperature calibrators are known worldwide for their accuracy, stability, and reliability. For more information,

About AMETEK Drexelbrook

AMETEK Drexelbrook is an acknowledged leader in level measurement with more than 50 years of industry experience. Its level measurement instruments are used in a wide range of industries, including petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, food/beverage, water/wastewater, power, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper, mining, aggregates, feed/grain among others.
AMETEK Drexelbrook is part of AMETEK STC, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. AMETEK is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of approximately $5.0 billion.

AMETEK Factory Automation is one of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of process position feedback solutions within linear and rotary position feedback.
The company offers the most complete line of automation products for sensing the position of mechanical motion gear in locks and dams, cranes, steel mills, packaging systems, lumber mills, gantries, bridges and more. If it moves, it's tracked with absolute accuracy by our industry-leading rotary and linear sensors.

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Tel: +45 4816 8000

January 2020

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