Easily Service HVAC Systems with High Quality Pressure Gauges

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have become as common as electricity in many parts of the world. Whether it's in a home, a car, an office, or any other place where temperature control is necessary, these systems are trusted to keep us comfortable.

They are so common that we don't even think about them when they are working. However, like most systems, they require maintenance and occasional repairs. But, because they use refrigerant, which can damage the ozone layer, special precaution and certification are needed when handling, disposing, or adding refrigerant.

HVAC systems have specific refrigerants that they must use, and each of these types of refrigerants has different properties, including their saturation point. Because of these differences, technicians must have the proper equipment to correctly and accurately measure and understand what is going on within the system they are testing or servicing.

AMETEK STC has a solution in its U.S. Gauge line of HVAC pressure gauges These HVAC pressure gauges, sometimes referred to as manifolds as they are typically mounted on a manifold, have multiple scales on each HVAC pressure gauge. These scales allow the technician to quickly match any given pressure to the temperature saturation point for the type of refrigerant they are using. The scales are labeled with the refrigerant type, making it quick and easy to understand the status of the system they are testing. Alternatively, suppose the technician doesn't know what type of refrigerant is in the system. In that case, they can find the scale that matches the current ambient temperature, and whatever the label is on that scale is the type of refrigerant.

U.S. Gauge offers ranges for R-12, R-22, R-502, R-134A, and R410A refrigerants, allowing the user to dedicate a HVAC pressure gauge set to each refrigerant, thus avoiding cross-contamination. Each HVAC pressure gauge is rugged enough to mount directly on the cooling system or onto a portable manifold. They feature a one-piece threaded plastic ring, allowing quick, easy access to the pointer's internal adjustment screw. Adjusting the pointer to zero before use increases the overall accuracy of the system.

The Model 1785 HVAC pressure gauges ship from the U.S. Gauge Distribution Center in Michigan and are in stock for immediate shipment. They may also be customized with special dials, customer part numbers, URL's on dials, case colors, special packaging, and more to support OEMs. Visit for more information.

About AMETEK STC and JOFRA AMETEK STC manufactures and supplies calibration instruments for temperature, pressure, and process signals under JOFRA and Crystal brands. JOFRA signal calibrators are known worldwide for their accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use. For more information, visit

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March 2021

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