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AS200501 - 3-Wire Ultra-Small Bridge Amplifier

The AS200501 is a very flexible ultra-compact board for 3-wire systems providing a current output (typically 4-20mA, but can be configured to virtually any linear gradient i.e. 0.2mA to 8.2mA, or even with mid-zero of 12mA for compression / tension transducers), designed to be mounted directly with the transducer.

The unit has individual multi-turn potentiometers for the precise setting of Zero and Span. The inputs provide EMI-/RF-suppression along with a low-pass filter. Transducer wires can be easily connected to the board by soldering.


* Wide range power supply 8V-30V

* Stabilised bridge excitation voltage

* Bridge resistance 350 Ohm (or greater)

* Bridge sensitivity 0.2mV/V - 10mV/V

* Ultra-small 18mm diameter, 7mm height

* Fast calibration procedure

* Reverse-polarity protection


* Load-Cell Industrial Weighing

* Strain-gauge Load Testing & Monitoring

* Overload Protection Systems

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November 2020

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