The growth of rail transportation and rail travel is becoming increasingly important to the UK’s infrastructure network with current passenger and freight volumes predicted to double by 2050. Experts believe this mode of transportation can be a sustainable alternative to short-distance air travel while increasing freight via rail would complement other transport modes. Recently completed projects and those currently being constructed in the UK such as; The Elizabeth Line, HS2, East West Rail and The Great Northern Rail project, are all examples of the major investment in the rail network.

These projects, both current and future, coupled with the demand for increased automation present significant challenges to engineers to provide the most sustainable, reliable transportation systems. Sensors and encoders are among the essential components for these systems and sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER are well positioned to deliver the most effective solutions.

From innovative axle encoders, precise pressure and level sensors, to high speed cameras, Baumer has over 50 years’ experience of designing sensors for the railway industry. This is underlined by delivering products which conform to EN 50155 standards, TSI certification along with providing the highest levels of customer service and engaging in the close partnerships required to deliver the best sensor solutions.

Specific products and applications include; LBFS point level switches for sand box level monitoring which provide suppression of contamination to ensure reliable level detection and avoidance of false detection, PP20R pressure sensors for coolant control in converters and transformers which ensure low temperature drift and accurate level measurement from start-up to full load operation. 4 circumferential pressure balancing openings ensure that these sensors provide safe and reliable performance even in dusty and humid environments. Furthermore, they can operate across a temperature range of 125ºC to ambient ensuring effective sensing of almost any liquid cooling cycle on rolling stock.

TE2 and TCR6 are compact yet robust temperature sensors offering high accuracy to optimise engine efficiency, with low drift to ensure greater repeatability across all load conditions along with flexible mounting options to suit any application.

Finally for monitoring and control applications PBMR pressure sensors monitor maximum pressure changes over time according to applicable standards (UIC5 660) and provide high accuracy and low drift measurements with absolute gauged pressure sensors.

Baumer has over 50 years of experience in designing sensors for rail industry applications. As an owner-managed family business we serve customers worldwide, so you can trust our know-how and values that run from the development of sensors through to the highest production values.

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About Baumer Ltd:
Baumer Ltd is part of a family owned company which operates on a global scale employing around 2400 people in 38 subsidiaries across 19 countries Worldwide. Baumer is acknowledged as a leading supplier of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Baumer is your partner for, Food & Beverage Sensing, Food & Beverage Processing, Assembly and Handling, Material Handling, Encoders and Motion Control Solutions.

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January 2023

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