When a sensing application demands the highest level of performance and reliability in detecting objects and their positioning, the latest photoelectric sensors with IO-Link connectivity is one of the best options. Photoelectric sensors are by design, able to deliver superior performance to size ratio compared to other types of sensors, which is why it’s the second most globally used type of sensing technology.

Photoelectric sensors have the ability to see (and react) to ‘lots of things’ which can occur in the more challenging sensing applications. These ‘variables’ could have a detrimental effect on process system performance, for example, irregularly shaped or reflective objects, poor lighting conditions, variation of mounting angles or the presence of dust or debris .

Sensing and Instrumentation specialists BAUMER have a passion for sensor technology and offer one of the widest ranges of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Their range of photoelectric sensors are designed to provide the highest performance in the most compact design, so are ideal for applications where space is really tight. They also have the ability to perform reliably even when faced with challenging object properties, variable mounting positions or inconsistent lighting conditions. Operators also have the benefit of features such as plug and play integration, resulting in faster design-into systems and therefore quicker integration into production processes.

The range of photoelectric sensors includes a wide choice of models to suit specific application requirements. For example, their OT300 / OT500 sensors for longer range measurement of objects up to 2.6 metres utilise time-of-flight measurement and provide reliable object detection of reflective, glossy or irregularly shaped objects. Also, the standardised IO-Link ensures quick and simple integration and fast parameterisation.

For smaller sensing applications their miniature 0200 sensors are ideal with overall sizes from 8mm and therefore provide an outstanding size performance ratio. They offer extremely high immunity to ambient light, operate with a point and line beam shape and are adjustable via qTeach or IO-Link with LED and laser along with qTarget. A through-beam sensor measures objects up to 6m.

Where the requirement is for a ‘standard’ sensor their 0300 / 0500 option which incorporates a powerful microcontroller is ideal for general process sensing applications. It features 7 sensor principles, 4 light sources along with line or point beam shapes. They are easy to install and operate and incorporate IO-Link so are Industry 4.0 and IoT-ready.

Worldwide, customers trust the know-how of Baumer and acknowledge their reputation for quality, competence and precision and their range of industry-leading photoelectric sensors are a good example of this.

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About Baumer Ltd:
Baumer Ltd is part of a family owned company which operates on a global scale employing around 2400 people in 38 subsidiaries across 19 countries Worldwide. Baumer is acknowledged as a leading supplier of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Baumer is your partner for, Food & Beverage Sensing, Food & Beverage Processing, Assembly and Handling, Material Handling, Encoders and Motion Control Solutions.

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January 2023

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