Measuring conductivity in smaller sized production facilities especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry sectors demands the most compact, yet robust sensors and the BAUMER PAC50 process sensor meets these critical requirements. Introduced just over a year ago, the PAC50’s success has been recognised by the readers and users of a leading Computing & Automation trade journal voting it to be ’Product of the Year 2023’. The PAC50 received the most votes for new products in the Sensor category and hence took first place.

Martin Leupold, Product Manager for Process Sensors at Baumer comments, “Together with our fellow development engineers in Denmark, we are very happy to receive this special award. The PAC50 sensor has been very well received by customers as they really appreciate its ultra-compact dimensions helping them to meet their customer’s demands for space-saving system designs”.

Baumer sensors are acknowledged for their high performance in a compact design and this is particularly true for the PAC50 analysis sensor. To keep dimensions down to a minimum Baumer designers went to the limits of what is physically feasible, as illustrated by a sensor housing measuring a mere 60mm, with a display of only 32 x 25mm. In addition to minimum size the sensors are extremely robust offering high temperature stability up to 140ºC, which allows for permanent and reliable use in food, pharmaceutical and even in SIP (Sterilisation-in-Place) and CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) systems. Added to which the sensors provide high-precision measured values and very short response times, all of which are becoming a prerequisite for space-saving applications.

Like other Baumer sensors, IO-Link is a standard feature allowing the collection of secondary data, such as temperature for process monitoring and communication to control devices. This means users can quickly and easily parameterise the sensor prior to and during operation – even when the sensor is integrated via an analogue interface. Furthermore, to optimise flexibility the dual channel feature allows users to operate the PAC50 via analogue or digital channel, or even both in parallel.

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May 2023

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