Ever-increasing automation across many industrial applications combined with a growing demand to maximise system safety, are among the key drivers for developing robust and reliable sensors and encoders. A good example of this is the new EAM580 RS encoder developed by sensor specialist BAUMER. This encoder is ideal for harsh, outdoor applications and deployment in mobile machinery, such as loader and tower cranes as well as mobile working platforms.

The introduction of this new magnetic safety encoder means that Baumer is one of the first manufacturers to meet the very latest requirements of functional safety, specifically (SIL2/PLd according to IEC 61508, ISO 134839:2023 and IEC 61800-5-3. These safety accreditations will give engineers the confidence to accelerate engineering work and in parallel system certification mode, will simplify the supply of additional documentation.
Safe, robust and precise, even in harsh out outdoor applications.

The EAM580 RS, which utilises CANOpen Safety, is more than a robust and precise variant of an industrial encoder as it features a stainless steel casing ensuring optimum resistance to aggressive environmental impacts and is also immune to shock and vibrations. Maximum safety requires maximum precision and speed and this is where the EAM580 RS excels. For example, the encoder delivers a resolution / SRDO of safe acceleration 16 bit, safe speed also 16 bit and safe position of 32 bit. Steps per revolution are 16384 / 14 bit and number of resolutions 262144 / 18 bit. Absolute accuracy is assured with a peak performance in precision ± 0.2º (operating at +20 ± 15ºC and ± 0.3º -40 +75ºC) ultra-fast transmission rates, helping to boost the performance of machinery. CANopen® features include operating modes of timer-driven (event time) and synchronously triggered (Sync).

In addition to its robust construction the EAM580 RS is designed for easy configuration whilst also providing valuable secondary data. For example, it provides information on revolutions, operating time and input voltage for machine monitoring.

When combined with the Baumer Sensor Suite Freeware: the encoder can be easily configured to meet the most varied requirements. The EAM580 RS with clamping flange is immediately available in hollow shaft design.

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April 2024

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