The Accessories Section

We take great pride in our products and services. Certain areas of the business, however, do not always get a mention or the recognition they deserve. In this month’s newsletter, we would like you to take a closer look at the accessories range.

The Rapidox 2112 Multiplex is ideal for those who want to analyse from multiple gas sources using just one analyser. The Multiplex comes with 5, 10 or 15 independent gas inlet ports that can be fed to a single gas outlet. This unit is intended for stand-alone applications although there is a manual override setting.

Cambridge Sensotec stocks a wide range of filters to suit all requirements; some available with purchase with others ‘after-sale’. The Small Filter, or Particulate Filter as it is also known, is our most popular filter thanks to its all-round performance. Here is a technical insight into the filter:

Optional basic in-line particulate and coalescing filter with 1/4" nipple fittings. Fitted with PVDF filter to remove >99.99% of 0.1um particles; use in other direction to remove vapours. Recommended for gas measurements >10ppm O2.

April 2020

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