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ESI offers a selection of high temperature pressure transducers and transmitters that are best suited to environments where the media temperature exceeds normal limits – such as steam, metal work and industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace and automotive applications. But which transducer is right for you?

What High Temperature Solutions do ESI have to offer?


The HI2200 Range can handle operating and ambient temperatures of up to 200°C, with a pressure range of up to 1,500 bar.. Making it the perfect model for applications within an oven or furnace environment.


The HI5000 is specifically designed for use within Oil and Gas downhole applications. With a pressure range of up to 2000 bar, the sensor will also operate within temperatures of up to 200°C. The housing is all-welded and sealed for use within corrosive environments, and the SOS Technology sensor is able to withstand high shock and vibration inputs without compromising on performance.

The HI6000 will perform consistently at both a media and ambient temperature of up to 135°C and for limited periods of up to 150°C. With additional digital compensation and precise calibration, the HI6000 has been designed with the use of Silicon on Sapphire technology, a range of outputs and a compensated temperature range of between -25°C and +135°C. As well as a pressure range of up to 1,500 bar. Making it the most flexible and accurate High Temperature pressure transmitter available at ESI.

The PR3860 offers an operating temperature range of up to 200°C and is designed with an easy clean flush diaphragm, making it perfect for applications within the food processing, pharmaceutical or petrochemical industry. With pressure ranges to 400 bar, the PR3860 is also available with ATEX and IECEx certification, suitable for explosion protection for flammable gasses (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1).

The ADHT High Temperature Adapter allows pressure transducers and transmitters to operate in applications with temperatures well above the operating range up to 200°C. With pressure ranges up to 400 bar the adapter is designed for use within steam or hot gas environments to help stabilize the localized temperature environment.

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ESI Technology manufactures a wide range of pressure sensors, strain gauges and telemetry systems from its purpose built factory in Wrexham, north Wales.

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January 2022

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