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Tiny Flow Probe launched to Automotive Market

When it comes to efficiency, the smallest details can have the biggest impact. None more so than a tiny flow probe created by German flow probe manufacturer, Vectoflow.

The probe has been designed to measure flow measurements in automotive radiators. With a 10 mm height and 1.6 mm Kiel head diameter, the probe reduces any blockages to the flow to a minimum.

The miniature radiator probe is great for automotive and motorsports engineers who want to measure mass flow across the radiator in one or several points. This helps to measure the airflow through the radiator in terms of its blockage, but also helps to determine the thermal effectiveness of the radiator in order to establish how much heat the airflow can reduce in the heat exchange process.

As with other Vectoflow Kiel heads, the angular incidence of the flow is higher than 50°, guaranteeing precision measurements in a wide angle of incoming flows. The probe can also be equipped with a static port for simultaneous total and static pressure measurements, providing accurate information for flow speed calculations.

The probes are custom built to customer requirements and available to order from Evolution Measurement. For further details visit

Company Profile:
Evolution Measurement are experts in industries that require highly accurate physical measurement, instrumentation and calibration.
Based in Andover, they represent Scanivalve Corporation and Guildline Instruments and provide bespoke solutions in multi-point pressure and temperature measurement, as well as engineering automated calibration and test systems and turnkey measurement solutions.
Evolution Measurement also provide local product service and support and work in a diverse range of industries from Aerospace, Motor-Sport, Power Generation, Universities and Research Establishments, where customers value the most technically capable, leading-edge solutions to bring value to their own businesses.

Orders are now being taken for Service and Calibration of Scanivalve instruments.
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May 2020

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