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A New World of Real-Time Flow Visualisation

An innovative digital approach that combines the simplicity and speed of a smoke probe with the quality of a 3D-measurement scan has launched in the UK.

ProCap from Swiss manufacturer streamwise, provides real-time visualisation of a 3D velocity vector and its interpolation to a complete flow field, providing instantaneous understanding of the quality of aerodynamic measurements.

Simply by guiding the probe in the flow region of interest. The probe's instantaneous position is precisely tracked with a camera system, the measured data is interpolated and the flow field is instantaneously visualised to the user. This is essentially an intuitive scan-and-paint approach of the flow in real-time.

The ProCap system drives the user towards area of interest and naturally improves the quality of measurement, saving costly and precious measurement time in the wind tunnel.
This exciting system includes a calibrated digital multi-hole probe with markers, tracking camera and software, and a laptop with ProCap software pre-installed. Alongside the system, a service & support package is available from UK channel partner, Evolution Measurement.

Evolution Measurement will manage UK and Northern Europe customer enquiries for the ProCap product range which includes ProCap Compact and Professional.

Andrin Landolt, Partner at streamwise said, "We are incredibly excited at this new venture. The team at Evolution Measurement are wholly solution focused and our products complements their existing range of aerodynamic measurement solutions."

Evolution Measurement's Managing Director, Paul Crowhurst said, "We are thrilled to bring ProCap to our customers as it will add enormous value for our existing aerodynamic measurement solutions customers.

The ProCap merges data streams from position tracking and flow field measurements, reduces data, interpolates and predicts the flow field for integrated validation, essentially helping aerodynamicists to maximise their time in the wind tunnel. Combining the ProCap system with our pressure scanners and custom flow probe range, we are able to provide a fully customisable aerodynamic solution which complements our wide and world-class range of fluid dynamic instruments and systems."

For more details on the ProCap visit: www.EvolutionMeasurement.com

Company Profile:
Evolution Measurement are experts in industries that require highly accurate physical measurement, instrumentation and calibration.
Based in Andover, they represent Scanivalve Corporation and Guildline Instruments and provide bespoke solutions in multi-point pressure and temperature measurement, as well as engineering automated calibration and test systems and turnkey measurement solutions.
Manufacturing the highly successful EvoScann® range of miniature pressure scanners, the Evolution Measurement team have a vast knowledge of Aerodynamic testing, particularly in the Automotive industry and are available to offer advice and support as required.
Evolution Measurement also provide local product service and support and work in a diverse range of industries from Aerospace, Motor-Sport, Power Generation, Universities and Research Establishments, where customers value the most technically capable, leading-edge solutions to bring value to their own businesses.

Orders are now being taken for Service and Calibration of Scanivalve instruments.
For more information call: +44 (0)1264 316470,
service@evolutionmeasurement.com or

For more information, please contact:-

Paul Crowhurst
Evolution Measurement Ltd.

7 Regents Court, South Way,
Walworth Business Park Andover,
Hampshire SP10 5NX . UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 1264 316470
Mob: 07766 112300
www.evoscann.com & www.evolutionmeasurement.com

December 2021

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