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Keeping tabs on the environmental conditions within plants and facilities is essential to any building management system, making Stand EO6 at this year’s Facility Management and Maintenance Show (1st May, Arena MK, Milton Keynes) a hot spot where Hanwell Solutions Ltd will demonstrate that integrating monitoring environmental systems need not be onerous.

Facilities managers can find out how to utilise Hanwell’s innovative technology to monitor and control various temperatures, humidity, air quality level and utility use from a centralised system. Additionally, how historical data generated from these systems can be used for regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive environmental monitoring systems integrated into a local BMS is critical to ensure the best possible conditions are optimised – and potentially saving energy - such as HVAC systems control to minimise the risk of water-borne diseases forming in systems like water tanks, cooling towers, and air conditioning units.

At the exhibition Hanwell’s Business Development Executive, Jason Todd, will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the complex world of critical environmental control and how automated monitoring solutions have assisted in the conservation and preservation of the UK’s most treasured artefacts and fantastic historic buildings.

Many facilities managers currently rely on manual checks, such as temperature monitoring of remote water tanks, which is hugely time consuming. Hanwell has developed reliable, robust remote monitoring solutions using technologically superior products made in the UK that can provide ultimate peace of mind.

Visit Hanwell on Stand EO6 at the Facility Management and Maintenance Show - 1st May, Arena MK, Milton Keynes. If you can’t make the exhibition or would like more information please visit www.hanwell.com.

Abourt Hanwell Solutions Ltd.
anwell Solutions Ltd, formerly the IMC Group, has developed an unrivalled reputation within many industry sectors for drive and innovation – backed by reliable, robust and technologically superior products manufactured in British facilities. The company’s customer promise is to provide trusted British environmental monitoring for ultimate peace of mind.

For more information, please contact :-

Louise Jeffrey
Hanwell Solutions Ltd
Pendle House, Jubilee Road, Letchworth Hertfordshire SG6 1SP
E: sales@hanwell.com
T: +44 (0)1462 688070

April 2019

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