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Compact RI58-H incremental encoders from Hengstler are designed for easy mounting and high signal precision

Highly precise and very compact - Hengstler's RI58-H incremental encoder is the ideal solution for use in tight installation spaces

The RI58-H incremental encoder from Hengstler, which features a through hollow shaft and user-friendly synchronous flange mounting, requires only minimal installation space and achieves high precision due to the integrated shaft coupling.

Synchro flange mounting and an internal coupling element make the RI58-H hollow shaft incremental encoder from Hengstler a universal, flexible and robust encoder also for applications in harsh environments. Due to its high shock resistance the encoder is suitable for use in machine tools, CNC axes and textile machines [100 g = 1,000 m/s² (6 ms)]. The risk of incorrect installation is significantly reduced.

To minimize the concentricity tolerances inherent in hollow shaft encoders the Hengstler RI58-H is equipped with an integrated double Cardan shaft coupling with a centric star disc. This special design ensures precise parallelogram offset and high signal precision - crucial for applications that require precise absolute precision combined with a high resolution. Synchro flange mounting also allows completely free synchronization of the zero point.

The RI58-H incremental encoder can be used on shafts with diameters of up to 12 mm and has a line count from 1 to 5000. The single components of the encoder are laser welded for a long service life. Thanks to an operating range from -10 to +70 °C and encapsulated Opto-ASIC technology, the encoder can also be used in harsh environments.

About Hengstler
Hengstler is a leading European manufacturer of industrial counting and control components for automation solutions. Founded in 1846, the company has earned a reputation as a supplier of encoders, meters and safety relays. Hengstler also develops and manufactures panel printers for ticket machines and bank statement printers, and is Europe's biggest manufacturer of cutters. Customers around the globe appreciate Hengstler's expertise and competent advice, as well as the wide range of products.

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Leslie Wenzler
Marketing & Communication
Hengstler GmbH · Uhlandstrasse 49 · 78554 Aldingen · Germany
Telephone: +49 7424 89-545 · Fax: +49 7424 89-500
E-Mail: leslie.wenzler@hengstler.com
Website: www.hengstler.de

October 2022

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