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See and Measure the Forces at work in a High Speed Impact with XSensor ’s HS Impact System

XSensor, world leader in pressure mapping technology, has developed a High-Speed Impact system.

This system has been designed to record and display data from crash impact testing in a new and powerful way. Now extensively tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the USA, the HS Impact system has been proven to collect and record impact data that has simply not been available to engineers working in the crash test arena until now.

The HS Impact system offers engineers the unique ability to record exactly what happens and how much pressure is exerted and distributed by seat belts, air bags, seat back rests, head restraints and even seat components at the moment of impact. This data can viewed live, recorded, slowed down and re-played, analysed, edited and exported using XSensor ’s feature rich HS Pro V8 software. This data can even be sync ’d with high speed video sources to give the most detailed picture yet of impact events.

The HS system consists of a high speed sensor, recording data to a ruggedized high-speed data logger mounted on the test sledge. XSensor has developed new electronics and sensor technology for the HS system that represents a step change in capability. A conventional XSensor seat pressure mapping system, used for comfort and ingress / egress test will typically record data at around 45 / 50 frames per second. The HS Impact system is capable of accurately recording data at up to 3,000fps! The HS Impact system is offered with a choice of sensors, depending on which areas of
impact are of interest.





(cm x cm)
Back of seat,head restraint   2,450   0.1 - 32   61 x 81
 Back of seat   2,800   0.1 - 32   61 x 81
Head restraint   2,350   1 - 100   25.4 x 25.4
 Small surfaces   2,900   1 - 100   12.7 x 25.4

Like all XSensor pressure mapping sensor mats, the HS Impact sensors are designed for repeated, multiple use. The capacitive technology employed ensures stable calibration and a reliable, durable, yet thin, flexible and conformable sensor. Like a ll XSensor ’s sensor , HS sensors are supplied with a calibration carried out in XSensor ’s own ISO17025 accredited laboratory, so you can be sure of accurate, repeatable results.

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August 2019

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