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And launches NEW sensor for integration into air quality applications

In line with an ‘Air Pollution’ themed exhibit, Ion Science will be launching its exciting NEW air quality sensor and evaluation kit at the Sensor & Test show in Germany. The company will also be highlighting its extensive portfolio of MiniPID sensors incorporating patented humidity resistance and anti-contamination design for fast detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) even within the most challenging global environments. Ion Science’s high performance MiniPID 2 sensor and MiniPID High Sense (HS) will be amongst its wide range of products on display.

Ion Science’s well proven MiniPID 2 sensor incorporates an innovative self-diagnostic feature that indicates whether the lamp is failing to illuminate or the electrode stack is contaminated. All Ion Science 10.6 eV and 10.0 eV MiniPID instruments incorporate the latest lamp design.

Ion Science’s MiniPID 2 offers improved temperature stability, greater sensor-to-sensor consistency and more repeatable performance, and typical applications include personnel safety, industrial hygiene, site soil and air sampling, fugitive emissions and volatile spills, law enforcement and emergency response.

The MiniPID 2 sensor range consists of four models. The PPM MiniPID 2 is used for wide range, parts per million (ppm) measurements between 0.1 and 6000ppm (isobutylene equivalent) and is configured specifically for dynamic response to VOCs at elevated concentrations. The PPB MiniPID 2 is used for high sensitivity in the parts per billion (ppb) range with a minimum detection limit of 1ppb.

The 10.0 eV MiniPID 2 is used for the enhanced selectivity of compounds with lower ionisation potentials such as the determination of ambient levels of aromatic compounds.

The 11.7 eV MiniPID 2 has an 11.7 eV lamp which extends the range of detectable compounds to include chlorocarbons, CFCs, formaldehyde and chlorine amongst others.

Ion Science’s ‘plug and play’ MiniPID 2 high sensitive (HS) sensor offers reliable and accurate detection of a wide range of VOCs at extremely low levels. It provides a detection range of 0.5ppb up to 4ppm and is 15 times more sensitive than the MiniPID 2ppb sensor, making it ideal for indoor air quality monitoring applications.

It is suited to clean rooms, fence line monitoring, industrial hygiene, site soil and air sampling, fugitive emissions, volatile spills, law enforcement and emergency response. The MiniPID 2 HS boasts intrinsically safe certification and is ATEX, IECEx, II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga accredited.

Available with a 12-month warranty, Ion Science’s patented PID sensor technology is trusted by major gas detection manufacturers across the world.

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May 2019

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