Keller spray gun


The optimal paint volume with the right pressure

A paint spray gun is a tool for applying paint and dispersion colours. It enables even results and makes it easier to work across larger areas and objects.

keller spray gun

The paint is atomised to small droplets with the help of compressed air from a compressor or a pump and applied onto the object. The drops are deposited onto the object and form a joined surface film, provided that enough is applied.

Keller spray gun

The atomisation of drops is created from the pressure difference generated by the compressor. A negative pressure is produced through the outflowing air which draws the paint out of the connected paint container.

The pressures used can be set exactly to the operator's requirements with the help of KELLER 4L sensor. KELLER manufactures a miniature digital gauge which displays the precise operating pressure of the spray gun on a digital LCD screen. These digital gauges are custom designed to be easily integrated by the Original Equipment Manufacturer; ultimately enabling the end user to accurately control the paint spraying pressure.

KELLER collaborates with several paint spray guns industry leaders. Their products are mainly used to paint vehicles, in the painting trade or other industrial sectors.

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KELLER is a member of the LoRa Alliance
The long range wide area network "LoRaTM" connects objects via radio and offers safe, bidirectional communication within the Internet of Things. LoRaWAN is based on the open industry standard LoRa and has been set out by the non-profit organisation LoRa Alliance, of which KELLER AG fur Druckmesstechnik is a member. This technology offers high coverage and a low level of energy consumption, which is especially suited to battery-operated applications.

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June 2021

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