Have you ever wanted to know where the nearest white shark is lurking, where the most dolphins swim or which routes the turtles take? Scientists are studying exactly this. Thanks to tracking devices, the movements of a number of species can be followed.

The movement data of individual animals helps scientists to understand how individual creatures as well as whole animal populations find their way in the world. The results are crucial to our ability to understand the effects of global warming and human interference into animal habitats as well as to save species from extinction and predict the spread of diseases through animals.

Around the world, scientists are catching wild animals and, without causing injury, attaching small tracking devices to them before releasing them again. The small tracking devices register the GPS position of the animals, saves this data and sends it via satellites to select databases. Depending on the type of transmitter and the scientific research questions being posed, the tracking devices send the position of the animals at regular intervals (per minute, per hour or a few times a day).

The challenge of sea depth
For the manufacturing of tiny trackers which are developed specifically for studies of marine animals, KELLER supplies a leading provider of telemetry solutions for wild animals with 3L pressure transducers. These sensors are used to accurately measure depth and water temperatures the sea animals visit. With a built-in sensor the tracking devices can withstand the pressure in depths of 1000 metres and can to be used in a wide range of temperatures.

Additionally, the installation of 3L pressure transducers represents an economical option for use over many years.

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KELLER is a member of the LoRa Alliance
The long range wide area network "LoRaTM" connects objects via radio and offers safe, bidirectional communication within the Internet of Things. LoRaWAN is based on the open industry standard LoRa and has been set out by the non-profit organisation LoRa Alliance, of which KELLER AG fur Druckmesstechnik is a member. This technology offers high coverage and a low level of energy consumption, which is especially suited to battery-operated applications.

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June 2021

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