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Surface Temperature Sensors

Surface temperature sensors measure the temperature of an object's surface. They can be contact types like thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors, or non-contact types like infrared thermometers and thermal cameras. Contact sensors need to touch the surface to measure temperature, while non-contact sensors detect infrared radiation from the surface.

These sensors are used in many fields, such as manufacturing to control processes, medicine for patient monitoring, and environmental science to study weather. Their ability to provide accurate temperature readings makes them essential tools in various applications.

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About Labfacility:
Labfacility are the UK's leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables.
The Company has been trading since 1971 and is ISO 9001 accredited. We have two UK sites – West Sussex and South Yorkshire and export to over 85 countries with shipments made to World-Wide destinations on a daily basis.
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