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Specialised 'Horseshoe' Loadcells for quick installation and removal

A number of our customers are original equipment manufacturers, who supply various prefabricated parts for larger machines or test rigs.

These may include linear motion stages, with ball screws and drive motors, incorporating one or more loadcells within a control system or feedback loop. These will often be in constant use throughout the life of the machine and may therefore require regular servicing.

Where the end user may be required to get the loadcells recalibrated to a certain schedule, or fit spare parts in the case of accidental damage, it is helpful to be able to avoid complete dismantling of the components surrounding the loadcell. This is particularly true if the end user would otherwise be unable to do this themselves.

As a practical solution to this, Novatech have worked on a number of 'horseshoe' designs that can slot round certain items, such as ball screws, for ease of installation and removal. Designs have been perfected that have negligible effect on loadcell performance, despite large reductions to reaction surfaces.

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March 2019

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