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Operate IR cameras and pyrometers easily with your smartphone

Optris IRmobile App for Android smartphones and tablets. The infrared cameras and pyrometers from Optris can now also be operated easily using a smartphone or tablet. For this, the specialist for infrared measurement technology now provides the new IRmobile App for Android in the Google Play Store. In this way, the need to use a laptop can be therefore be avoided for many applications.

Numerous functions for setting up, operating and evaluating
The new app provides the user with many helpful functions. For infrared cameras for example, the app provides a live image with automatic hot- and cold-spot searching. When doing so, snapshots can be taken and saved for later evaluation or documentation. The temperature measurement range can be adjusted, the color scales can be changed and the focus (Xi series) adjusted.

For pyrometers the assistance during alignment is particularly helpful. All parameters which are saved in the sensor can be set via the app. So for example the analog output and if req. the alarm threshold can be changed very quickly, to adapt to the application. The setting of emissivity and other important parameters ensures optimum measurement results. Measurements can be recorded in the form of temperature-time diagrams, saved and loaded once more.

Connection via Micro-USB or USB-C
The pyrometer or the infrared camera is connected via the Micro-USB or USB-C-Port to the Android device - the app then starts automatically. The voltage supply here is provided by the USB connection. To be able to test the app extensively, a simulator is included. This allows you to try out most functions, without needing to have an infrared camera or pyrometer attached. The app is also suitable for most android devices with a Micro-USB or USB-C connection, which support USB-OTG (On-The-Go). A list of recommended devices which have been tested with the app is available in the Google Play Store.

Optris GmbH
Technology company Optris GmbH is specialized in the development, production and sales of non-contact temperature measurement via infrared. The product range covers portable infrared thermometers, stationary infrared industry thermometer as well as infrared cameras and calibration sources. All pyrometer set new benchmarks for the application at OEM solutions and multiple applications.

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Optris GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)30 / 500 197 21
Web: www.optris.co.uk

November 2019

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