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New Optris bottom up system for glass tempering plants - Temperature monitoring and quality control

In order to achieve high energy efficiency in buildings, so-called Low-E glass is standardly used for windows and facade components. Designed as multi-pane insulating glass these windows have a coated side with a very low emissivity. The low emissivity poses a major challenge for infrared devices, which are traditionally measuring the glass temperature from above when the panes moved out of the furnace.

The new Bottom up GIS solves this problem with a new approach. By having two infrared imagers installed underneath the tempering line they always measure the temperature on the non-coated high emissivity side of the glass (1,600 pixels scan line resolution and max. field of view of 111° / 4.3 m scan width).

Both infrared cameras are reliably protected against glass breakage by an optris
CTlaser 4M pyrometer in combination with the digitally controlled optical protection system (DCLP - two automatic shutters).

The installation is possible in a very small space and an exact mechanical positioning of the system, which was previously done with old, bulky line scanners, is no longer necessary. The exact alignment of the scan line can be conveniently performed using the Optris software supplied.

About Optris GmbH
Optris GmbH was founded in 2003 and has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of non-contact temperature measurement devices. Its product portfolio consists of both wearable and stationary infrared thermometers and online infrared cameras for thermographic real-time analyses. Optris develops and produces in Germany to ensure the highest standard in quality as a key component of its company policy.

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May 2022

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