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March 2021 Newsletter

2020 was a particularly strange year in that whilst we were widely dispersed across our facility, or indeed working from home, we were very fortunate to achieve a record year for the company.

This in turn has allowed us to expand our head-count with new members of staff to further increase the support for our ever expanding customer base. As this edition of our newsletter is filled with all the exciting new product developments that we have seen we will not unfortunately have the chance to introduce these new staff members. We will however put this right in our next Newsletter; something to look forward to in our Spring edition!

As mentioned above, there have been significant new product developments over these last few months and we include brief notes and a link to the webpage for each of them. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should any questions arise – we really are here to help.

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

* Turndown of 10,000:1

* Accuracy of 0.6% of Reading

* Extremely fast sensor (<10 ms adjustable)

* Multi-gas without conversion factors

* No warm up time

Precision Low Flow Coriolis

* Insensitive to external vibration

* High chemical compatibility (Hastelloy controller)

* High pressure (4000 psia)

* Extremely small space envelope

* High accuracy (Liquid 0.2% of Reading)

Back Pressure Control

* High pressure capability of 20,000 psi (1360 bar)

* High temperature capability to 650 C

* Suitable for multi-phase fluids including solids

* Suitable for multi-phase fluids

* Wide range of wetted materials

Laboratory Pump Solutions

* Peristaltic, syringe, piston and micro-gear pumps

* Fixed or variable speed, dispensing, diluting and filling

* Microliter through litres per minute ranges

* OEM and cost-sensitive designs

* All grades of tubing available

There is Still a Place for VA Meters

* Low Cost Flowmeters

* High quality, versatile and accurate

* Acrylic, PVC, Polysulfone, Borosilicate and Metal Tubes

* Flow Rates up to 10,000 LPM (Air), 1,700 LPM (Water)

* Pressure Rating up to 4000 psig

Systems and Vaporizers

* Gas Mixing Systems

* Evaporator and Vapour Generators

* Batching and Dosing

* Filling Systems

* Gas Panels, Change-over Boards, etc

Perfect Turbine Flowmeters

* Temperature and viscosity compensating

* High pressure capability (540 bar)

* High temperature capability (400 C)

* Ultra-light, compact version available

* 0.05 LPM through to 5700 LPM

Pressure Controllers For Gas and Liquid

* Single valve for flowing systems

* Dual valve for non-flowing systems

* Forward-, back- and differential pressure control

* Remote sense port option

* Low cost OEM designs available

Extreme Service Flow Control

Control at high line pressures

Precise control even at high differential pressures

Supercritical fluids

High chemical compatibility

Very high turndown

Flowmeter for High Volume, Low Cost

Pricing from less than £30.00

Flow rates from 0.1-2.5 LPM, 0.5-35 LPM and 5-65 LPM

Pressure rated to 25 bar

Temperature rated from -20 C through to +100 C

Cost effective electronic display available

For assistance on any of the products or information above please enquire by calling 01953 609930 or email:

For more information, please contact :

Andy Mangell - Sales Director

Premier Control Technologies Ltd.
Unit 1 Oaktree Business Park, Philip Ford Way, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 9AQ
+44 (0)1953 609930 (ext 742)

March 2021

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