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Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Group announced today that it has successfully secured an order to supply Hyster-Yale Group with an in-cab armrest solution for its 1 – 3 ton range of Internal Combustion and Electric lift trucks.

The armrests have over 80 standard variants which offer combinations of mini-lever joysticks, switches, and buttons, all of which will be delivered to the Hyster-Yale assembly plants in the U.S. and Europe starting in the first quarter of 2020.

OEMs are constantly developing highly-efficient, flexible and safety-critical vehicles that increase productivity, building on a trend towards incorporating electronic Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that integrate fully into custom control boxes and armrest assemblies, and provide operators with a wide range of new capabilities.

Curtiss-Wright’s HMIs incorporate multiple functions and can be operated with the use of just one hand, or via finger or thumb activation. The interfaces typically incorporate push-button switches, rotary thumbwheels and joystick paddles and levers, which variously offer switched and proportional control of a vehicle’s numerous features.

So whether Curtiss-Wright is creating concepts to address existing OEM specifications, or customizing its products to better suit an application, its global team of engineers is ready for the challenge and will partner with design teams to ensure the most reliable and cost-effective equipment is developed.

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February 2020

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