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New mid-IR sensor technology resources available for free download

Pyreos, a manufacturer of miniature, integrated, pyroelectric, mid-infrared sensors and detectors with instant switch-on and ultra-low power consumption has announced the publication of two new whitepapers that investigate in detail the use of mid-IR infrared sensing in a broad range of detection and analysis applications.

The whitepapers are available for free download from the Pyreos website ( and cover the following topics:

" A guide to choosing sensor technologies for gas and flame detection and analysis - this paper looks at the various IR sensing techniques available to developers of gas and flame detection equipment, focusing on the characteristics and advantage of mid-IR sensors. The choice of sensor format, analogue or digital, filter options and configurability are all analysed in detail with both flame detection and gas sensing applications in mind.

" A guide to building mid-infrared spectral analysis system using Pyreos technology (milk example) - mid-IR spectroscopy is considered special in the field of analytical chemistry as it has one major advantage over other optical spectroscopy methods; its capability to identify functional groups or structural information about the sample and its composition. This paper looks at the choice of techniques such as transmission, reflection, emission and attenuated total reflection, and key elements of the system on hardware and software levels.

As a leader in mid-IR sensing and detection technology, Pyreos offers customers the widest choice of technology solutions for a wide range of applications at low cost.

For more information about these resources please contact:

To download the papers go to:

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Pyreos was formed in 2007 and is a leader in miniature, rugged, pyroelectric, mid-infrared sensors and detectors that respond faster, improve responsivity and minimise power consumption. Built in world-class foundries, the thin-film sensor components detect and analyse composition in gas, flame, food safety and oil applications and enable the creation of smaller, higher-performance IR sensors, sensor modules and analysers which are easier to develop and need less calibration.
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March 2020

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