AirWire LoRa Level Transmitter - For In-Plant and Nearby Wireless Applications

LEVEL receivers gather and process data from one or many Senix LoRa level transmitters, without recurring fees, then display it on a LAN and/or send it to IoT or other industrial applications.

Maximum range can be obtained by adding an outdoor or elevated antenna to the Flex receiver. An outdoor IP67 rated receiver (not shown) is also available.

LoRa wireless is a low cost, low power, secure link designed for sensors and IoT applications that need to send small amounts of data a few times per hour from varying environments.


* Transmits level periodically on remotely adjustable schedule
* Manages power, sensor and data communications
* Battery life 2-5 years (1)
* Status and fault reporting
* Many transmitters can be handled by a single receiver
* Network & application security
* LoRa certified end node

* Housed in UV stabilized, poly- carbonate plastic, IP66 and NEMA 4X rated enclosure
* Sealed sensor cable gland
* Three internal D-cell batteries
* Internal USB connection for sensor adjustment & testing
Note (1): affected by schedule, sensor setup,

* Eliminates the need for and cost of installing conduit
* Is safer, faster and more accurate than site visits
* Low-cost technology - no required subscription charges
* Low energy for long battery life and low maintenance cost
* Level transmitter operates during power outages
* Cabled sensor allows for optimal transmitter placement
* Status reporting supports installation and maintenance
* Security for privacy, message integrity and authenticity
* Meets latest IoT standards
* Sends to Senix LoRa receivers or public LoRa networks
* Senix field-proven IP68 sensors mean reliability and long life
* View on LAN (you own it) or subscription cloud services

Data Destination
Dedicated Local Receivers Installed in your plant or office, receivers collect transmitted data, send email alarms, and/or provide LAN or cloud-based displays that are viewable on any device. See the AirWire LoRa Receiver- Gateways data sheet.

Public LoRa Services
In many locations commercial carriers now offer subscription- based public LoRa "Network- as-a-Service" (NaaS) supporting the evolving "Internet of Things". Senix can help you get connected to these services.

For More information on the Senix AirWire LoRa Level Transmitter

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April 2019

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