SafeSonic™ 25-L Level Transmitter
Loop Powered Sensor for Class I Division 1 Hazardous Areas

SAFE sensors are designed for level or distance measurements in areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are likely to exist under normal operating conditions.

They offer resistance to most chemicals depending on the installation. The PVDF (Kynar®) construction of the lower body offers superior resistance when installed in a sealed tank using the 2-in NPT threaded mount.

SafeSonic sensors transmit measurements to process control systems using a conventional 2-wire 4-20 mA current loop.

Two Wire "Loop Powered" 4-20 mA interface reduces wiring, minimizes power consumption and is compatible with most process equipment.
Simple Mounting in liquid tanks using using the 2-inch NPT lower threads or 3/4-inch NPT upper threads
Chemically resistant housing is encapsulated and includes either a sealed, strain-relieved cable or M12 quick-disconnect connector. Various cable lengths are available.
Range calibration is factory set to 4 mA at 25 feet and 20 mA at 1 foot.

SenixSAFE-L software supports configuration, testing, and storage / recall of setups. Requires UA-RCD-L Remote Calibration Device.

Rugged Package can be installed indoors or outside to provide years of maintenance-free operation. Standard tapered upper and lower threads are compatible with common flanges and other fittings.

Intrinsically Safe design permits operation in hazardous environments in the US and Canada. All electronics are contained in the transmitter housing. External safety barriers are required in hazardous area installations.

Measurements are made without contacting the liquid or solid material and are:
* Long range, short dead band
* Unaffected by optical factors like color and transparency
* Narrow beam
* Temperature compensated

This transmitter is used primarily for liquid level measurement of vessels in hazardous areas. It also measures open-air distance to target objects such as the roll diameter on a coating machine.

This transmitter should be used only in applications with relatively slow-moving targets.
Example Applications:
* Industrial liquid tank level
* Wastewater treatment
* Paint finishing
* Coating machinery
* Service stations
* Laboratories
* Airports
* Welding bays

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