Did You Know..... Senix ToughSonic Sensors Have Built-In Switches??

Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors with built-in switches can be utilized to:
* Turn on/off lights and alarms
* Indicate low or high alarm conditions
* Start/stop motors or machinery
* Manage liquid level in a tank by turning a pump or valve on or off at specific levels
* Switch outputs turn ON or OFF at a distance setpoint and are used to start and stop external actions or indicators at those distances.

Senix sensors have one or two simultaneous switches depending on the model. Each is independently adjustable and can adjust setpoint, polarity, hysteresis, window time delays and more.

Computer configurable models allow the switches to turn ON and OFF at different distances (hysteresis) or to be ON or OFF only when a target is within a specified switch window. The hysteresis feature allows a single sensor to perform a complete control function, such as turning a pump on at a low level and off at a high level to maintain a liquid level within limits.

The switch window feature allows proximity sensing only within specific distance ranges. Each switch output can be set to “NPN” type (sinking) or “PNP” type (sourcing) for universal compatibility. Some switch features are also adjustable using the “teach” push-button.

For more information, please contact:

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March 2020

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