Senix Offers a wide range of OEM & Custom Sensors

Senix Corporation, makers of the smart and rugged ToughSonic line of ultrasonic noncontact sensors, is also a value-add partner for your OEM and Custom Sensor needs!

For over 30 years, Senix has been engineering and manufacturing custom ultrasonic devices for Original Equipment Manufacturers around the globe. Our custom-built Level and Distance sensors can be found across every sector, including airports, vehicle modifications, farming equipment, food processing systems, nautical environments, stationary and mobile tanks, remote monitoring locations, and more.

Our sensors can easily connect to common automation equipment, control relays, alarms, displays, motor controllers and more. Senix also has LoRA wireless capability and Cloudbased monitoring software and will work with you to build the right OEM or custom sensor or even systems tailored to your application.

Made in Vermont (USA) and supported by professionals who are dedicated to your
success, Senix has the ultrasonic solutions that you are seeking. Contact us today to learn more about our OEM and Custom Sensor solutions. Senix offers a robust line of ultrasonic non-contact sensors of exceptional intelligence and durability. When paired with SenixVIEW software, users can tailor these devices to each unique project to ensure optimal outcome.

Over 60 parameters can be modified, including range, gain, filtering options, control of
switches and outputs, etc.. See our full line of ToughSonic General Purpose and chemically resistant ToughSonic CHEM sensors at

For more information, please contact:

10516 Route 116, Suite 300, Hinesburg, VT 05461 USA
Tel: US & Canada: +1 888-884-5675 +1 802-444-0114
Fax: +1 802-489-7400

June 2020

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