A superior Sensor for Non-Contact Water Level Measurement

Senix ToughSonic® Ultrasonic Transmitters perform water monitoring with "non-contact" technology that monitors the water surface from above. These sensors are used in open air, closed tanks, and in stilling tubes that constrain the sound and improve performance.

They can be used with Reference Target Temperature Compensation technology to reduce diurnal effects from sunshine, wind ambient temperature. When used with 90 Degree Adaptor or other types of mounting options, users can reduce
the minimal distance measure to close to zero. They are reliable, easy to use, and extremely rugged. Thousands are installed in applications around the world for irrigation, stream monitoring, flood an tsunami warnings, and sea level monitoring. Industries &

Applications include:
* Irrigation
* Flood Monitoring
* Sea Level Monitoring
* Streams
* Rivers
* Ponds
* Water tank level
* Wastewater
* Tidal monitoring
* Ocean wave monitoring
* Towing tanks

ToughSonic® ultrasonic sensors are used to measure the level of channels, canals and gates to control the distribution of irrigation water. The sensors connect with SCADA systems and are compatible with battery operation and used worldwide by irrigation districts and water providers.

Senix ToughSonic sensors have both analog and serial communications built-in, as well as sourcing or sinking switches. Senix sensors can be used to control relays, alarms, lights, PLCs, motor drives, displays and more.

Open Channel Flow measurement determines the volume of water, effluent or industrial waste flowing through a channel, flume or weir at a point in time. Flumes and weirs are hydraulic structures within which the liquid flow rate is determined by measuring the height of the liquid flowing through the structure. That height is converted to flow using an equation specific to the structure. Positioned at the required location, ToughSonic sensors measure the liquid height by noncontact distance measurement looking down at the liquid surface for reliable an accurate input to a processor. Flow rate through a weir, for example, can be controlled by adjusting the vertical position of a gate.

Senix ToughSonic® sensors measure the level of water flowing in streams and rivers. Sensors mounted on bridges and other structures monitor the water level to report flood status via telemetry. The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) was formed in 2009 to engage in flood related projects to help Iowans understand their flood risks and make better decisions. In 2010 they chose ToughSonic sensors for their new Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS), and over several years that system has added over 200 monitoring sites using ToughSonic 50 sensors.

Historically, farm water was controlled manually, But with ToughSonic Sensors there is a better way.... Senix ToughSonic sensors have both analog and serial communications built-in, as well as sourcing or sinking switches.

Murray Irrigation, Australia's largest private environmental and irrigation water delivery company uses the ToughSonic 14 to manage water distribution to many of their approximately 2,200 landholdings throughout southern New South Wales. Customers on
their PIIOP program can order, sell and buy water from their cell phone using telemetry-enabled, automated and/or remote-controlled technology.

Please contact Senix today to learn more about ToughSonic Ultrasonic sensors, and ask
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July 2020

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