ToughSonic Ultrasonic Sensors are Tough, and they're Smart too.

DID YOU KNOW............… ?? That users can customize over 60 Parameters to tailor Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Distance & Level sensors to any application. With SenixVIEW Filter options users can improve sensor performance in most real-world applications

Input Rejection Filters are used when it is necessary to delay measurements until target motion stabilizes or ignore an unintended object. These filters can ignore all but the closest or the farthest measurement in a sample of measurements. These filters can be set to:
* Ignore turbulence

* Detect the peak value of material flowing on a conveyor

* Ignore stirrers, or mixer blades waves, or other unwanted objects that would otherwise interfere with measurements.

* Reject sporadic interferences such as electrical, physical and

Averaging Filters calculate the average of a user specified number of inputs. Set filter to accumulate the user set-up number of measurements. Since the output is updated at each interval the Running Average filter will create a smoother response than using boxcar averaging.

Distance Limiting Filters clamp the rate of change of measured distance before setting new sensor outputs. For example, when measuring a roll diameter, measurements typically change slowly except for roll changeovers.

Distance Limiting Filters can help to:

* Measure a Roll Diameter

* Ignore rotating mixer blades that pass occasionally between the liquid and the sensor

* Ignore unintended targets passing occasionally between the sensor and the intended target, such as a traversing mechanism on a printer ink well.

The range and power of Senix Filter Options are just an example of the many intelligent features offered with free SenixVIEW software aimed at improving performance !

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August 2020

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