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The new industrial remote control SIR-25 designed for Simex devices configuration is available now for sale!

The SIR-25 remote control as an infrared transmitter functions as a remote keyboard and allows you to program the devices of our production which are equipped with an infrared receiver. The remote control features a five-button keyboard, including the F/S/RESET function button* dedicated to the operation of the devices in the following group: counters, flow meters, and tachometers. An ergonomic and modern housing has been designed keeping all the requirements for industrial equipment.

SIR-25 provides:
* comfortable, remote work with a device - up to 5m
* modification of parameters of a device without having to unseal its casing
* user safety - anyone can use an individual transmitter
* long service life without frequent battery replacement
* easy replaceable the coin cell battery CR2032

* The function button F/S/RESET will be supported for devices manufactured from May 2020.

The SIR-25 remote control replaces the SIR-15 device, which is not longer available.

For further information, please contact:-

Stork Solutions Ltd.
Hart House, Basingstoke, Hampshire UK RG24 9PU
Tel: +44(0) 118 328 2986

July 2020

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