Non-Contact Speed and Length Measurement

The new, smart and uniquely compact Laser Doppler Speed and Length Sensor - SL and SLR that sets new standards in non-contact speed and length measurement of moving objects and materials in industrial applications.

Designed to replace cumbersome, inaccurate and high-wear contact wheel encoders that are prone to excessive measurement errors due to slippage, vibration, wear and dirt, resulting in product give-away and quality issues.

As the second generation series, the SL and SLR mini are designed for industrial applications and material processing lines; compatible with almost all moving materials including web, wire, plate and sheet. Measurement and control of length, speed, differential speed and elongation on paper, plastic film, foil, non-woven, rubber and many more materials.

The non-contact laser technology provides an industry leading accuracy of +/-0.05% without need to ever re-calibrate due to wear. The internal measurement rate is 200kHz with one measurement output every 20 microseconds. Communication is via Ethernet, RS-232, Wifi or bus options. Plus a complete range of installation accessories including anti-vibration mounts, display units, temperature and dust control.

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TTS Systems also have a solution for your machine!
The company has been leading the way in the design of tension transducers, loadcells, instrumentation and controllers since 1998. With manufacturing in the UK and custom engineered bespoke solutions to meet your exacting application needs.
Our products are extensively used with paper, foil, film, tape, plastics, rubber, in fact any material on a roll or reel that is processed through an automated machine can have its tension measured and controlled.
When used in a closed loop control system, the measured signals can be used to regulate the speed of the drive, brake or clutch thereby ensuring constant material tension throughout the process.
Working with System Builders, OEMs and End Users we provide the knowledge, technical support and back up to our UK and European customers through our direct staff and distribution partners.

For further information please contact:

TTS Systems
TTS Systems in the trading name of Total Tension Solutions Ltd
Scott Bader Innovation Centre, Wollaston, Wellingborough, Northants NN29 7RL
Tel: +44(0) 1233 624422
Fax: +44(0) 20 8515 6002

October 2019

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