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Zemic load cell for high-speed packaging machinery: DAMTECH choose Zemic load cell and weight transmitter for egg grading machine

DAMTECH Egg-Handling BV specialises in automated egg processing machinery and recently, with the help of load measurement specialists Zemic Europe, developed its latest E-Grader 40 egg weighing, sorting and packaging system. With a maximum capacity to grade 28800 eggs each hour and scalable up to six lines, the state-of-the-art machine utilises Zemic’s L6N series single-point load cells in combination with its Top-Sensors T1 weight transmitter to provide high-speed processing at the rate of one measurement per 300 ms.

DAMTECH’s E-Grader 40 egg weighing, sorting and packaging system.

Zemic, represented with full technical support in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor, works closely with its customers to provide solutions that differentiate their market position. As weighing was not a technology area that DAMTECH had encountered previously the two companies’ combined their respective skills in automated machinery and force sensors to develop the E-Grader 40 which is aimed at farmers that sell their commercial egg produce straight from the farm. These supply sources are becoming increasingly popular for consumers but are still subject to the rigorous quality and legislative regulations required of large producers. The machine can handle 5 different grade classes between 43 and 73 grams. Consequently the design brief included not only accuracy, reliability and straightforward integration in the machines’ architecture but also ease of maintenance and, of course, competitive cost.

ZEMIC’s L6N load cell and T1 weighing transmitter – available from Variohm EuroSensor.

Zemic’s L6N load cell and the T1 weight transmitter provided best fit components for the machine where the anodised aluminium-alloy and IP65 rated single point load cell with OIML approval offered a maximum platform size of 350 x 400 mm. This load cell is well proven for use in a variety of applications and has a pedigree of use in the medical weighing market. The measurement ranges available span 0…3 kg up to 100 kg, and with a combined error of less than 0.02% FS the L6N features industry leading precision, build quality and long reliable life.

The T1 weight transmitter is DIN rail mounted, has an integral 6-segment semi alphanumeric display and takes care of set-up and calibration - with a wide choice of output configurations including analogue (voltage and current) as well as USB and many commonly used fieldbus protocols. For use with 1, 4 or 8 load cells, it provides excitation voltage and load cell signal conversion making integration with the customers’ control system straightforward as well as scalable.

As a major global sensor and transducer manufacturer, ZEMIC’s comprehensive product range includes single point or platform cells, compression cells, S-type, shear beam and dual shear beam load cells. Both standard and customised products are available through Variohm EuroSensor. With load capacities ranging from a few hundred grams to over 500 Tons, applications include pricing scales, hopper scales, weighbridge platforms, elevator and in-vehicle weighing system and more. ZEMIC has several product lines with OIML-R60 'legal-for-trade' approval.

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October 2018

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